Postgraduate Program of Islamic Studies in English 1

Postgraduate Program of Islamic Studies in English


Semesters:   Spring (January – April)     Summer (May – August)    Fall (September – December)

1.     Graduated with bachelor`s degree in Islamic studies in English from American Open University with grade: good or Passing the materials determined by the equivalent committee for the holders of acceptable degree.

2. Graduated with MA. or Doctorate’s degree in Islamic and Arabic studies from the other Islamic countries in English from accredited universities and passing the materials determined by the  equivalent  committee by grade: good

N.B.: The students who have graduated from other countries must have the seal of his/her country and the seal of the ministry of foreign affairs on their certificate.

Registration procedures to the university:

  • The Original sealed certificate. • Copy of your ID or passport.      • 2 photocopies of yours.

Thesis fees: 6000 EGP or 1150 USD

Registration procedures to the semester:

  • fill the registration form: a form that indicates the subjects whom the student wishes to register in. (the minimum is Three subjects and the maximum is 6 subjects.)

Registration fees:

Application fee

(Once only)

Managerial fees The registration fee which covers the comprehensive educational materials
400 EGP 100 EGP 1 credit hours 2 credit hours 4credit hours
315 EGP 625 EGP 1250 EGP
60 USD 20 USD 50 USD 90 USD 180 USD

♦The last date for new registrations will be 2 weeks before the beginning of the first exams.

♦The students can postpone or bring forward or re-exam the registered subjects 2 week before the beginning of the first exams by paying only 150 EGP or 25 USD per subject after filling a registration form for this purpose.

▪ Note: (no registration fees or any other cost incurred by the University can be refunded after two weeks of registration).

Graduation Requirements:

  • Courses: Finish (54) credit hours of instruction.
  • The thesis: IN any branch of specialization after completion of the courses(54)credit hours

Note: 1- The Prices in US Dollar above are provided for non-Egyptian students, the payment shall be in Egyptian pound.

           2-The Programs and Fees structure are subject to changes.

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One thought on “Postgraduate Program of Islamic Studies in English

  • jane yousef whitby

    Dear sir,

    I want to start this course. I am a Principal of a school in Egypt and want to study Islamic studies at Masters level. Can you tell me what kind of degree this is and when the starting dates are as I wish to start straight away.

    Many thanks,